2 Gifts + 1 Coupon = 2017. Christmas, that is

The cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies means only one thing: the Holidays are upon us! Need unique gift ideas? Here are two:
1. Inconvenient Faith book:
2. Think Rightly video courses:
The coupon code for the Think Rightly video courses is: gift2017.
Using this code will take 50% off the price of the video course, from now until December 24th!

We hope these gift ideas come in handy for you this Holiday season! And remember, the Amazon link for the book above is an affiliate link. That means if you click it and do some shopping at Amazon, you will also be supporting Famcore.

What are you doing reading way down here? The gifts above are not your speed? Hmmmm…. speed. “I am speed….”
Try this:
See if you get choked up like I did when he changes his colors in the very last scene to honor Doc…