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b.VPN is a top-notch customer-oriented VPN service based in Netherlands. It utilizes AES-256 with SHA-256 hash authentication and different VPN protocols like L2TP/ OpenVPN (TCP, UDP, SSH & SMOKE) to provide unbreakable protection to your online activities. The ISP and government will not be able to spy on you and sell your privacy to the third party. The hackers can’t attack your connections and steal precious information like credit card detail and business document etc. even when you are using the public network. This VPN lets you connect to remote servers to spoof your real location so as to access services that are not available in your country. It has servers in 11 countries that are logically located around the world, allowing you to get access to global network. OpenVPN connections of this VPN are hidden inside a TLS/SSL tunnel. As TLS/SSL is the encryption used by HTTPS, it is very difficult to tell it apart from regular HTTPS traffic as VPN connections routed through these TLS/SSL tunnels. To further defeat VPN block, it uses custom protocol named “Smoke” which adds extra obfuscation for every packet. It is effective at evading the kind of state-level VPN blocks found in places such as China, Iran, Oman, Turkey, and Russia. Besides, this VPN is optimal with Netflix, BBC iPlayer and various streaming services that come with geo-restriction and VPN block. To keep your privacy 100% safe, DNS leak protection option is in-built all B.VPN applications and it is on by default. It has strict no traffic log and even the government can’t invade your privacy. b.VPN provides three paid plans to meet your business and personal needs. The packages grant you access to all of the provided VPN servers at any time without restrictions or limits over speed, download or usage. The price starts from 7.5 USD per month. Irresistible discounts are offered for longer subscription periods. It is 9.99 USD for one month if you purchase monthly plan. You can get 15% off on the 6-month plan and 20% off on 1-year plan. It costs 50 USD for six months and 90 USD for one year. Learn more in this article: