Critic Reviews For The Mandalorian Are In

The Star Wars franchise is about to venture into territory previously uncharted, but is the high-stakes mission a hit or a miss?

General audiences won’t be able to tune into the first-ever live-action Star Wars series, The Mandalorian, until it hits the upcoming streaming site Disney+ on November 12. But a number of lucky critics have already gotten the chance to catch about a half hour’s worth of footage from the show during a special Disney event held on October 19.

Taking to social media, these critics have spilled their spoiler-free thoughts on The Mandalorian, and things are looking brighter than C-3PO after a buff and shine.

In fact, many have praised the forthcoming series everything they had hoped for…and then some.

Here’s a round-up of the first reactions to The Mandalorian.

One of the biggest takeaways from the early reactions to The Mandalorian is that it’s kick-ass, action-packed, and basically everything a Star Wars fan could want from a live-action series. From what critics have seen so far, it sounds like the set pieces, aesthetic, characters, and story of the show all come together to make for a series that fans of the franchise will love.

Collider editor in chief Steven Weintraub said in his reaction,

“This is the Star Wars thing I’ve been waiting for! While I love the Skywalker saga, I’ve wanted to see new characters and places explored in depth which can only be done over multiple episodes in a series format. Cannot wait to see more.”

He continued,

“It’s as awesome as you want it to be. Can’t say anything specific but one scene answered a question that I don’t think has ever been explained/shown in any Star Wars movie. Love that it opens up the Star Wars universe in a cool new way.”

Star Wars social media manager Michelle Buchman tweeted her prediction that fans will be very pleased by the Jon Favreau-created series. Keep watching the video to see the critic reviews for The Mandalorian are in.

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It might make you cry, and drop your jaw | 2:15
In a word, incredible | 3:21