Meme 👏 Review 👏 2

If you liked any of these videos please consider checking out the originals all linked down below and send them some love, they’re all very funny and talented and they’ve chosen to waste all of those gifts on memes just to make me laugh and honestly that’s tight as fuck like what did I do to deserve nothing but laughter on this going on 5 DAYS OF PURE SICKNESS THAT JULIEN GAVE ME. Also my mommy is coming to town tomorrow she says hello to all of you. Maybe we’ll have her on the podcast because she sure is a barrel of monkeys that one. Alright have a lovely week and seriously thank you guys for taking the time to do this.

jenna drawn in james charles makeup look

jenna marbles animated

bounce that dick (animated)

aries and virgo

a beard is grown (star is born edit) – definitely gonna get popped

jenna being a mom for 30 seconds

a cermet rides into town

Julien being an aries in content aware scale

genie from aladdin meme

julien startles marbles (edit)

bush reacting to host (starts at 1:54)

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