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ABOUT PUBG MOBILE:- PUBG Mobile is an online multi-player battle royale game developed by PUBG Corporation of Bluehole Company and published by Tencent Games in association with Lightspeed and Quantum Studios. It is a mobile-compatible version of the PC/Console Game, PlayerUnknown’s Battle GrI ounds, which is the best sold PC Video game of all time.

PUBG Mobile is released in March 19, 2018. PUBG Mobile is running on Unreal Engine 4, players take on the Battle Royale experience on a map called “Erangel.” BACKGROUND/BACK STORY?

BATTLEGROUNDS takes place on different islands (maps), but the main island for BATTLEGROUNDS is called Erangel. An abandoned Russian island where a military occupation was controlling the island. The military occupation tested chemical/biological experiments on the islands population, after a resistance attack on a biological facility, the island had to be abandoned.

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